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Explore the beautiful places in Tobago with your car rental

Tobago is found on the southern region of the Caribbean and on the northeastern region of Trinidad. Between the two islands that comprises of Tobago and Trinidad, it is the smaller one. This Island has got an area of about 300km2 .The capital city of Tobago, called Scarborough, has got an estimated population of 4,084.

What are the entry requirements to Tobago?

To enter Tobago, you must have a valid passport for at least six months from the time of entry into the country.

What is the climate like in Tobago?

Since Tobago is situated only 11° north of the equator, it has got a tropical climate and it is normally sunny all through the year. Usually, during the day, Tobago has got a temperature of about 29°C. The water temperature is just some few degrees lower.

Tobago has got two main seasons which are the dry season (between December and May) and the wet one, which is commonly referred to as the Hurricane season (between June and November).

How do I travel around Tobago?

Tobago has got a wide-spread system of roads that connect several points of the Island and this makes traveling in this Island quite easy. You can use buses, taxis or car rental to tour around Tobago. The best and most convenient means of transport for tourists in this Island is by the use of car rental.

There are many car rental companies in Tobago that can offer you a range of cars. A full listing of car rental companies can be located on the yellow pages.

You can also try to get cheap car hire services by comparing different car hire rates from different car hire companies so as to get the best deal.

What are the places I need to visit in Tobago?

  • Pigeon point

This can be found just several miles from the north side of Crown Point and it is actually one of the best sandy beaches in Tobago. Pigeon point has got many attractions such as a jetty with a thatch roof and tall coconuts palms. There are also a number of salespersons in this island who sell mementos from their very own stalls.

  • Arnos Vale Waterwheel

The Arnos Vale waterwheel was made over 100 years ago and it was once associated with a local sugar factory. It is situated on the northern region of Plymouth and it has got its very own attractions such as a restaurant, theatre, a memento shop among others.

  • Bucco reef

It is fully protected and it is full of tropical fish, interesting water creatures and also many dazzling coral polyps. This place is normally open every single day and nor cash is needed for you to enter the boats.

  • Nylon pool

This one is located just near the Buccoo Reef and is a very exciting place, since the pool is naturally formed. The pool is enclosed by an ocean and got its name due to its clear water.

The Tobago Car Rental Guide deals with all major car rental companies and negotiates with the local agencies in Tobago to offer the best car rental rates and service for all locations in Tobago. This way our clients know they will always receive the best rate and service for their rental car in Tobago. In 3 minutes you can compare our rates and book your car rental in Tobago while you will find out that we are usually a lot less expensive then booking with the agencies direct.

We offer the following Tobago car rental locations

    • Crown Point Airport

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